For recording at the studio In NYC I can book full and/or half days, with a half day being the minimum initial booking.  Timing is flexible on full days.  For half days, early sessions can start as early as 10am, and late sessions as late as necessary.  Additional hourly rates kick in for over 10 hours of time on a full day, and for over 6 hours on a half day.

For freelancing in other studios I’ll work at a lower hourly rate to make your per-hour cost more reasonable, in particular if it’s a project I will be mixing, we can discuss this in further detail if you would like.  Most of my mixing happens at my main workspace in Takoma Park MD, Airshow.

MIXING:  Ideally I prefer to take at least 4 hours to mix a song, especially if it’s a complex arrangement, we’re using all the analog outboard processing and doing full stems.  If we’re doing a simpler setup (a jazz quartet album with consistent instrumentation, for example) this time per song can go down somewhat.  I can also scale down mix time if the budget requires, but I generally don’t do flat rate mixing.  Feel free to contact me to discuss your budget requirements.

SCHEDULING:  I tend to book about 1-2 months in advance for bigger projects.  I generally have days open here and there, so if you do have a quick project please contact me as I’ll likely have an opening, and cancellations/schedule adjustments do happen that open up time unexpectedly.  I strongly prefer to schedule mixing time at the same time as recording, especially if you want to get into mixing within a couple weeks after tracking… if we wait to book mixing until tracking it could be a month or more before I’ll be able to schedule mix time.

PAYMENT: Payment can be made with personal check to: Don Godwin, or via paypal or Venmo at

Looking forward to discussing your project!