It’s been such a busy summer and fall!  Currently in production are:

An album by London-based Iraqi singer Alya Marquardt, a folk, jazz and hip-hop influenced treat that I had a blast working on… I tracked the more traditional Iraqi folk songs at the Gowanus studio, and the jazzier tracks were recorded at the Studio G B room.  I mixed and mastered this.

The debut album of the experimental klezmer group Yiddish Art Trio.  Featuring the talents of clarinetist Michael Winograd (Sandaraa, Frank London, So Called, Itzhak Perlman), bassist/singer Benjy Fox-Rosen, (Sandaraa, Luminescent Orchestrii) and accordionist Patrick Farrell (Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble, Frank London, Sandaraa) with all three composing original material for this collection.  This was tracked upstate in a lovely house near Waterbury CT, mixed and mastered by me here in Brooklyn.

A punk-rock supergroup of sorts came to the studio recently called Hidden Rifles, led by singer/lyricist Matt Wascovich (Scarcity Of Tanks) and including Mike Watt (Minutemen, Stooges, Firehose, Il Sogno Del Marinaio) on bass, Norman Westberg (Swans, Heronie Sheiks) and Mark Shippy (US Maple, Invisible Things) on guitars, and Jim Sykes (Parts & Labor, Grooms, Invisible Things) on drums.  Basic tracking, done at the Can Factory, is completed and production will resume in early 2015.

Aurora Nealand also has a solo project of strange/beautiful pop songs we’ve been working on, with tons of accordion layering and saturated ambiance.  The project is called The Monocle, and we’ll finish it when it’s good and ready!

A new album by Kenny Warren, featuring the Laila And Smitty band, is mostly tracked, we will be mixing that in early 2015.

Recently finished a new cassette release for the sonic landscapings of Man Forever, the solo/collaborative project of the prolific Kid Millions (Oneida, Spiritualized, Scarcity Of Tanks)

The second album by Pittsburgh’s scrappy punk-brass ensemble Lungs Face Feet is finished, that should be released early in the new year.

The second album of composer/performer extraordinaire Sxip Shirey, we’ve been working on this for two years and have the final production schedule and plan in place, we’ll be starting on that mi-November 2014.

a full-length release by Brooklyn pop duo Charming Disaster, led by the ringleaders for local powerhouse ensembles Kotorino and Sweet Soubrette.  I played a bunch of drums and some bass, and we really went for the old-school analog, Slash records vibe for this one.

…as well as continuing work on location recordings done in Sing Sing Prison and Horzion Juvenile center in the Bronx as part of Carnegie Hall’s Musical Connections program, with such groups as SYOTOS, Nos Novo, Decoda, Chantel Wright and the Songs Of Solomon, Ricardo Nigaglioni, and Slavic Soul Party!.

Recent releases I’ve been involved in:

We got a four star review in Downbeat Magazine for  “The Lookback Transmission” by  Aurora Nealand’s Royal Roses, , a crack ensemble of seasoned New Orleans jazz musicians who play irresistably danceable versions of a variety of classic New Orleans repertoire.   These tracks were recorded at the famous Piety Street Studios in the New Orleans also-famous Bywater neighborhood, I mixed and mastered here at the home suite.

Kenny Warren’s debut solo album “Laila And Smity”  We did this over about a 6 month period, recorded at the Can Factory studio and mixed by me… mastered by Alan Douces.  REALLY happy with how this one turned out!

I recorded the vocals on two songs for Mirah‘s most recent album “Changing Light“, out now on K records, an amazing voice and lovely sounding album, tracked primarily at Tiny Telephone in SF.

Joey Weisenberg and the Hadar Ensemble’s fourth album: “Nigunim Vol. IV: Brooklyn Spirituals“.  This was recorded in the gorgeous sounding main hall at the Kane St shul in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, all live with no overdubs… a lovely group that moves and blends together amazingly,  I also mixed and mastered this one.

Gay Panic‘s album “Wrong Feelings”, tracked and mixed by me and mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound

Ben Holmes and Patrick Farrell, a sort of avant-garde chamber duo whose choice in repertoire will likely give you an idea of their original compositions… pieces by Ornette Coleman, Shostakovic, Satie, as well as some traditional klezmer repertoire mingle with their breathtaking originals to make a very dynamic and engaging listen. I recorded, mixed and mastered this too.

Sweet Soubrette “Burning City” (recorded and mixed by me, I also played drumkit on about half of this)

Lungs Face Feet’s debut LP (I recorded mixed and mastered this, vinyl mastering by Chicago Mastering Service)

Raya Brass Band “This Train Is Now” (recorded at Old Soul Studios by Kenny Siegal in Catskill, NY, I recorded overdubs at Phantom Center, mixed and played tuba.  Digital and vinyl mastering by John Golden)

Lonesome Leash “One Foot In Front Of The Other” (awe-inspiring one-man-band performer, gritty accordion, drums, vocals, trumpet, feedback.   I recorded, mixed and mastered as well.)

Erin and Her Cello‘s album is out now, it looks incredible, and Sarah Register did an amazing job on the mastering for this!