I’m a recording engineer, music producer and musician living in the DC area but also working in Brooklyn NY, and all over NYC.  I work primarily out of Airshow in Takoma Park, MD, but my NYC recording space is in Gowanus Brooklyn, and I also freelance in various studios around the city.  I’m able to easily transport my setup anywhere, and have worked on locations varying from Sing Sing Prison in Ossining, NY to homes from rural CT to New Orleans, to brownstone living room piano parlors to lofts in DUMBO and Providence Rhode Island, to dive bars in the East Village, and many more.  The “Phantom Center” tracking space in Gowanus is a huge, incredible sounding dedicated recording space that has plenty of room to move around and experiment, while being equipped with classic vintage and modern tools for making the most beautiful recordings.  Records have been recorded in this space consistently since 1979, either by BC Studio founder Martin Bisi, Jason LaFarge (operating under the name Seizure’s Palace), or myself, with the likes of Sonic Youth, the Swans, Devendra Banhart, Herbie Hancock, Helmet, Peter Stampfel, Dresden Dolls, Afrika Bambaataa, Brian Eno, Whitney Houston, and countless others having worked here over the years. A film documentary titled “Sound And Chaos” can give you a quite fascinating history of Martin and the space, and has some footage of a couple different sessions I worked on here.

Please contact me at donzig@gmail.com or 646-243-4211 to discuss any project you might have in mind for recording in this amazing space.